Jawn G is an artist who hails from St. Paul, Minnesota. His medium of found images, often from older publications and sources, where he manipulates these images into stark visuals creating stunning surreal landscapes, notions, and scenes. Much of which focus on sprawling space and perspective, yet yielding enough to allow human existence to pertain to the space thus adding weight to such surreal surroundings. We worked with him on Spacerace, Nowhere, and Get up Get Down boards for both Skate and Snow this year.



David Lozeau is a figurative painter who creates unique, expressive skeleton characters and puts a modern, Lowbrow twist on traditional Dia de los Muertos iconography. In the span of eight years, he has shown his works in dozens of galleries on three continents, collaborated with Fender, El Jimador Tequila, and Disney, won awards at fine art exhibitions, and been featured in countless magazines and hardcover books.

DLo grew up in rural New Hampshire and earned a graphic art degree. For several years after graduation, he ignored his paints and focused solely on his career, working commercially in print, Web, and video production before eventually moving to Southern California and reawakening his long-dormant artistic side.

His Day of the Dead art turns the annual celebration on its ear through his use of bold colors, exaggerated features, and impeccable details. DLo's Wild West art is rooted in American cowboy gunslinger lore where there was only a very fine line between a marshal and an outlaw. David's Lowbrow art pays homage to everything from Greek mythology to the kustom kulture hot rod scene. And his Nautical art is anything but typical, depicting steampunk divers, tiki-hoarding octopus, and underwater robot invasions.

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