Mike Skiba 

We’re hyped to welcome Skiba to the Evol team. With a smooth understate demeanor couple with his massive abilities on boards, Skiba fits our evolving brand perfectly. Whether traveling to locations to board events, back country, street spots, or at home at Trollhaugen his style shines through. Hyped to see where the season takes us. 

Kyle Kennedy
As a Trollhaugen bred rider Kyle represents a technical big style on boards, whether launching a previously unseen gap or hardway 2ing all the way thru a triple kink. Kyle keeps it smooth often making the difficult look effortless. With sites set on new zones and riding the resort with his own style, Kyle makes for a great addition to the Evol team. We're beyond excited to have him on board.

AJ Ronning 

A Hyland Hills rider who has a taste for the over the handle bars of life. Whether flying planes or jumping out of them Aj doesn't hold back. Driven to push himself to new limits. Stoked to have him as the on the squad. He's sure to be firing up the ropes of Hyland Hills as soon as they start turning. 

 Jake Antisdel

Lil Money as he's known is that rider/skater that knows the ropes thanks to a trail blazed for him. Surely ready to step into the path with his own vision, Jake has been hammering down parks for sometime. He's now cutting his teeth in the streets and beginning to travel. Equipped with the style, pop, and trick selection this young rider is certainly ready to show out.